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analog sessions: lindsey & jordan

Packed along my film cameras on a recent trip to Ohio and got to work with the awesome Lindsey and Jordan. We took a break from the summer heat and had some studio fun with unbelievable window light. Window light and film has got to be just my favorite combo! Here's a quick peek of our time together. More soon!

Camera: Mamiya 645     ♥     Film: Kodak Portra 400

analog, fashion, portraits

analog sessions: fletcher inn editorial

Winter was unbelievably long in New England this year.  (Isn't it always!?!)  We got our fill of snow piles, frigid temps, iced roads, and all that other winter goodness.  So when the snow finally lifted and some warm air settled in, nothing felt better than to start shooting again.

I went full analog for this shoot!  I tend to shoot use both my digital and film cameras during a shoot, but I wanted to play and try something different.  I went all in on film for this shoot, using mostly my Mamiya 645 with a little Polaroid Land camera and Fuji Instax thrown in there, too.  Eeek, I loved it!  Slowed down a bit and tried to really enjoy the process of working with film and those precious 16 shots per roll.  Enjoy enjoy :)

Camera: Mamiya 645 1000s     ♥     Film: Kodak Portra 400 & 160
Model: Krimson Skye     ♥     Clothing: Free People & American Eagle

analog, fashion, portraits

analog sessions: krimson

For most of my photo shoots, I play around with both digital and film photography.  I love incorporating some medium format film work during my sessions, and I'm usually snapping away with a polaroid or two at the same time.  Definitely way too many cameras around my neck!

I ran a roll through my Mamiya 645 during Krimson's shoot and here are a couple of my favorites!  [You can also see the digital images here.] 

Shot on Portra 400 and developed by The FINDlab.


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madeleine :: model test shoot hudson, new hampshire

I met up with a bunch of photographers this fall for a big 'ole shoot out.  Tons of photographers and models all running around some apple orchards here in New Hampshire exploring and photographing everything in sight.  Loved it!  Here are a few images from the day with the lovely Madeleine.

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lavender fields forever :: a summer editorial

Nature!  The changing seasons, mountain landscapes, fields of flowers... I love how each one causes me to slow down, breathe deeply, and see the world with fresh eyes.  I just want to capture that feeling with my camera in some sort of crazy tangible way.

This is one of those shoots.  The simplicity of a lavender field, capturing all that is summer.

Model: Megan Rezk     ♥     Top: Nollie     ♥     Overalls: Tinsel

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krimson :: new england model test shoot

New England summers are absolutely amazing.  Sunshine for days and days and days.  The rivers and lakes are filled with adventurers.  Everyone is out on a canoe or off on a hike to take advantage of the warm weather while it's here.  I don't think I've ever appreciated summer so much!

Part of all that wonderful sunshine means more photo shoots!  Krimson and I met up for some camera time and to play in the sunshine.

Model: Krimson Skye     ♥     Jacket: Kray     ♥     Shirt: Aero

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hidden whispers :: a springtime editorial

I wasn't sure it was ever going to happen, but, after months and months of cold, spring showed up in New England!  Ahhhh!  I didn't think it could be worth the wait, but I was wrong.  Mother nature quite outdid herself!  Green started sprouting up in little bits, and then it was just a flourish of flowers in rich colors and greens deeper than you've ever seen.  Completely beautiful in every way. 

Leah and I shot this editorial to celebrate all things springs.  Enjoy the flowers and the sunshine, my friends. :)

Model: Leah Marie      ♥      Top: Roxy      ♥      Pants: Kirra


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keren :: model test shoot nashua, nh

Best thing about a new town?  New thrift stores!  I ransacked them with a vengeance and landed all kinds of new winter gear for styling.  Snuck in this photo shoot with the fabulous Keren before the snow hit.  Check out that thrifted goodness!  :)

Model: Keren Coghill    ♥    Top: Pacific Sunwear    ♥    Sweater: Thrifted