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analog adventures: a maine travel story

Two of my absolute favorite poets are from New England.  My former English teacherness comes out when I start talking poetry and literature, so I'll keep it short.  But when we moved to New England and I realized both Edna St. Vincent Millay and e.e. cummings grew up nearby, I had a pretty nerdy freak out.

So Ronald and I planned a trip.  We traveled up to Camden, Maine to explore the childhood home of Edna St. Vincent Millay.  Oh, it was so cool!  We found the street where she lived, and  Ronald even talked to a man whose grandfather knew Millay.  She used to hang out on his porch!  We saw landmarks of where she started reading her poetry.  We saw the mountains and the waters she wrote so many poems about.  I was in poetry heaven.

I documented the trip on film with my Mamiya 645 and some Portra 160.  Developed by the folks over at The FINDlab.  Now to start planning the e.e. cummings trip! :)