let's be adventurers...

Summer is for adventure.  And we have started one!  We packed our life into a little RV, and we are spending the summer in the woods.

Ronald and I wanted a summer of fun, where we could dirt bike and explore this gorgeous New England.  A camper was the answer for us, and we are so excited for the travels to come.

Welcome to the crazy land of full-time RVers!  Ha!  We will still be based in southern New Hampshire, and keep most of the traveling to the weekends.  No radical changes as far as the business is concerned, and I hope to have many new photo shoots coming to the blog soon!

If you want to join in the fun, follow the travels on instagram!  And if you've ever full-timed in a trailer, I would love to hear your stories!!!  Say hello and we'll be camper friends. :)