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behind the scenes video for jess regan photography!

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, Florida has gone a little crazy.  I am sitting here typing with the windows open and a 65 degree breeze drifting through.  65 degrees!  No 90 degree heat.  No excessively horrid humidity levels.  It almost feels like a real October.  Makes this northern girl very happy.

And with all of this pleasantness, I am so thrilled to show you a recent project with my oh-so-awesome photographer friend, Jess Regan.  I was able to follow Jess around for an afternoon of filming, putting together a behind-the-scenes video for her studio.  And I am telling you, this girl takes beauty photography to a whole new level!

Click here or the image below to the video feature on her blog :)


Or watch it here!

P.S. I love working with video, and incorporating it into my shoots.  But... this is the first time that I've taken film making outside my own little biz.  I would love to hear your thoughts and questions about it below in the comments!

P.P.S. Need a video for your photography biz?  I would love to help!  Send me a message, and let's start filming!