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behind the scenes :: mallory's senior portrait photo shoot

I have been dying to conquer the mountain that is called video.  It is photography's cool cousin, and I want to hang out with it. 

Too bad I know nothing about it.  Zip, nada, totally over my head. 

Well, what better way to bring something over my head back down to earth than to jump right in, so I decided to use my camera to record some video during Mallory's senior portrait session.  *You can also check out all of the photos from Mallory's session here.*

music: "Tell The Stories" by The Twin Atlas

P.S. Would love some thoughts and tips for working with video.  Seriously, I need them :)  Leave them in the comments below.

P.S. How do you feel about the video thing?  Do you want to see more?  Getting tired of video and want photographers to just stick to their cameras?  You can share your thoughts below or over on the facebook page.